This application (iOS) allows users to quick catalogue its books, CDs and DVDs, and share them with their family and friends with automatic reminders to never lose their track!

PocketLib helps the users to build the catalogue of all their cultural items very quickly, scanning the item barcode and having all its metadata loaded automatically (including the cover picture).

Once the user has its digital library stored inside the application, any item can be lent to a person existing on the phone’s contact list which uses PocketLib. The lending period can be set to any number days, weeks or months and when it expires the lender will be notified: never again a forgotten lent!

The users can also search and borrow from their contacts also using PocketLib. They simply search for a string and all the items containing that string belonging to their contacts will be listed. The users will also be able to set their favorite objects to “private” so they will not appear on searches done by their contacts.

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